Drop Off*
(Remember to allow time for your items to be screened and for both printing and applying any barcodes you still need!  For details about Barcodes please click HERE.   If you leave before your items have been screened, your rejected items will be donated to local charities.)    

Friday                     March 29                       10 AM - 6 PM  

Saturday                March 30                       10 AM -  3 PM   

​Monday                  April 1                            10 AM - 6 PM

Tuesday                 April 2                            10 AM - 6 PM

*Notice about Drop Off appointments: Please sign up for a Drop Off appointment through your Consignor Homepage!(If it's past Noon on March 28, 2019, you won't be able to sign up online, and no appointment will be necessary at this point; but please remember that others who did make appointments will be taken/screened first.)This will help us distribute arrivals evenly among the drop off hours to save you from potentially long waits, especially Tuesday late afternoon. Appointments will be available for sign-up online while registrations are open (through Noon, March 28; after Noon, March, you will NOT be able to sign up or make changes ONLINE.) You will click "Select a Drop Off Appointment" on your Consignor Homepage to view available appointments and sign up. You can change your appointment any time while online registrations are open. If you miss your scheduled appointment or you never chose one, just come when you can during the above posted hours. You may have to wait a little longer, but we will work you in as quickly as possible!

Restocking Day(s) **Home items, toys, equipment, furniture accepted! Remember: Clothing not accepted during Restocking.**

(Chance for consignors to bring more non-clothing items to sell; see Sell  link for what you can and cannot bring.)

Monday     April 8        1 PM - 6 PM

Tuesday    April 9        10 AM - 7 PM


Hint: Drop off all items you have ready as early as you can. You may always bring more another drop-off day!

REMEMBER: Clothing must be brought in during regular drop off for screening SORTED BY CATEGORY, GENDER AND NUMBER SIZE. Tip: Bundle each group of same size/gender items with piece of yarn, zip tie, rubber band, tape, etc. Group same type items in bags/boxes (i.e., toys in one, books in one, movies in one, baby items in one, etc.); you will be asked to sort bags/boxes of mixed items! Don't forget to stop and "check in" at the computer station when you drop off!


Preview Sales (MUST HAVE TICKET TO SHOP!) *     

**If you've never helped and early shopped, you will LOVE it! Shop first for best selection at best prices! We really hope you will consider this awesome option! See Helpers Link (at the top of this page) for details!**    

39-Hour "Full-Time PLUS" Helper      Thursday, April 4                  5 PM - 9 PM

24-Hour "Full-Time" Helper              Thursday, April 4                  6 PM - 9 PM 

12-Hour "Mid-Level" Helper              Friday, April 5                      1 PM - 4 PM     

6-Hour "Part-Time" Helper               Friday, April 5                      4 PM - 6 PM    

Consignors                                     Friday, April 5                      6 PM - 9 PM

*REMEMBER:  Only ONE person/shopper admitted per early shopping pass!  If your spouse, mother, sister, friend, etc., wants to early shop, he/she must earn an early shopping pass by being a consignor or a helper. Note, bring NO CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 10 ON THE EARLY SHOPPING DAY.* Exception: Nursing mothers may wear/carry non-walking infants, if necessary. For the safety of your children and for a more relaxed shopping experience for all, please arrange for childcare on this day. Tip: Bring your children’s measurements and a measuring tape.

*IF YOU ARE A HELPER, see Helper link for details about when your children may shop. 


General Sale    (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!)                  

Saturday                   April 6                                10 AM - 6 PM

​Sunday                      April 7                     CLOSED * CLOSED * CLOSED

Monday                     April 8                               10 AM - 6 PM (new merchandise arrives after                                                                                                              1 p.m.!)

Tuesday                    April 9                               10 AM - 7:30 PM (new merchandise arrives!)

Wednesday               April 10                            10 AM - 6 PM    

Thursday*                 April 11                            10 AM - 6 PM   

*Helpers get to early clearance shop! 39-hr. helpers @ Noon; 24-hr. helpers @ 1 p.m.; 12-hr. helpers @ 3 p.m.; 6-hr helpers @ 5 p.m.  

Clearance Sale**    (OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!) 

Friday                        April 12                            10 AM - 7:30 PM   

Saturday                   April 13                            10 AM -  3 PM     LAST DAY!!  

**Items that do NOT say "No Disc" by the barcode will be half price! If it says "No Disc," by the barcode, "no discount" is offered and it will remain full price.

Pickup Day*      

Tuesday                    April 16                            10 AM -  6 PM     

*Items not picked up by 6 PM will be donated to local charities. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have to be out of the building! You may arrange for someone else to pick up and sign for your items on this day if you cannot make it. Simply send a signed note with them with your 4-digit consignor code and password. Your $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check. Checks not picked up by 6 p.m. will be mailed.