Product Safety and Recalls!

It is important to us that only safe products are offered to our customers, therefore we ask that each consignor check that none of his/her items have been recalled before bringing them to our sale. As the seller/owner of an item, it is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that each item meets the required safety standards.
Please visit our Safety and Recall Link to ensure that all your items meet the required standards!



What NOT to Bring:

NEW: Free ITEMS: Imagination Library Books*, cosmetic "bonus" cases, bud vases from florist, plastic cups, etc. 


 "JunK" HOME DECOR/HOUSEHOLD ITEMS:  Do NOT bring "junk," such as freebie items, faded floral arrangements, odds & ends glassware, (bring sets, not singles) plastic ware, anything missing a piece/part, chipped, DIRTY, etc.
ADULT BOOKS/MOVIES/GAMES: With the exception of parenting books and cookbooks, these should be limited to teenagers and younger!

ADULT ACCESSORIES*: Purses, scarves, and other accessories* must be current styles geared for teenagers and younger or designer brand.
SCRUBS: Because of space limitations, we cannot accept scrubs at this sale.
MATERNITY CLOTHING: Because of space limitations, we cannot accept maternity clothing at this sale.
OUT OF DATE / OUT OF SEASON CLOTHING:  MUST BE CURRENTLY STYLISH!!! We must screen tightly! Please save obvious out of season clothes for the next sale.  Stylish clothing has been purchased within the last three years!
FALL SALE: Do not bring obvious spring/summer items, such as summer prints, tank tops, sundresses, swimwear, short shorts, light colored short skirts, skorts, seersucker, linen, open toe shoes, flip flops, white shoes, swim shoes, sun hats, etc.
SPRING SALE: Do not bring obvious fall/winter items, such as coats, sweatsuits, blanket sleepers, fall/winter holiday-themed outfits, velvet, corduroy, flannel, fleece, tobaggins, mittens, gloves, lined boots, etc.
ADULT CLOTHING: Absolutely NO Misses or Menswear! We will ONLY accept teen/junior clothing that is CURRENTLY trendy, stylish, popular/designer brands, and no more than 20 pieces per size. (See the above list of acceptable manufacturers!)
DIRTY/UNCLEAN/BAD SMELLING ITEMS (i.e. smoke, mildew, pet odors, etc.): Do NOT waste your time tagging stinky items! If you've had it stored, check it before tagging/bringing!! If you stored it after tagging it, doublecheck for odors BEFORE bringing it!!
UNASSEMBLED ITEMS:  Shoppers want to see items assembled or they just won't sell! Bring any tools you need with you to assemble.
ITEMS THAT HAVE STAINS/HOLES:  Exception: trendy distressed jeans, etc., that were originally purchased with fraying and/or holes.
CAR SEATS OLDER THAN 5 YEARS:  Call D.O.T. 1-800-424-9393 for recall listings. We cannot accept recalled car seats. Please note that you will be required to sign a Car Seat Declaration stating that any car seat brought to the sale is not under recall, has not been in an automobile accident of any kind, and is less than 5 years old! The Car Seat Declaration can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
STUFFED ANIMALS: Unless they are New With Tags or Battery Operated! Check batteries and mark "tested" on tag. These must be like-new too!
BATTERY OPERATED ITEMS WITHOUT WORKING BATTERIESTest items and mark "tested" on the tag.
SHOES* SHOWING OBVIOUS SIGNS OF WEAR or OUT OF SEASON: Shoe shoppers are picky and our screeners will be too!  Must be in like-new condition with clean tops and bottoms. Don't bring worn, dirty, scuffed shoes! (Tip: Magic Erasers help remove scuff marks.) Even athletic shoes must be free from debris.  We recommend that you choose to discount your shoes for the clearance sale.  Remember, you will be responsible for finding your unsold shoes after the sale concludes.
NEW LIMIT: 10 pair per gender; may bring more during Restocking times.
CLOTHING NOT ON HANGERS: MUST be on hangers with the hook facing LEFT like a question mark.
UNSORTED CLOTHING:  MUST be sorted by number size and gender.  Junior/Teen tops may be sized XS, S, M, L, XL, etc.
UNSORTED/MIXED ITEMS:  MUST be separated by "like" items (i.e.,  shoes*, toys, books, movies, baby stuff, etc.)
UNDERWEAR UNLESS NEW WITH TAGS:  NEVER BEEN WORN! New underwear must be marked as such on the tag!




Clear your clutter and earn cash! Stewardship! Spread blessings! Simply gather your gently used items (see next section), tag them, bring them during Drop Off times, then let us do the rest! We have been conducting these sale events for 25 years (WOW!), handling the advertising, marketing, organization, etc. You will be selling to thousands of moms/families at this sale! You don't have to risk meeting buyers at your home or all over town, don't have to deal with no-shows, and you get to control your pricing and avoid haggling. You get to shop the deals BEFORE the public, scoring you the best variety and best deals! You decide what you want to donate to local charities after the sale, benefitting our community. And you get to pick up your check on Pick Up Day! 

Consignors earn 70% of their sales! *Helpers may earn more than 70% -- See the Helpers link for details! $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check. 

What can I bring?

Each consignor should bring at least 15 acceptable items or 3 large items. Look around; you have PLENTY to bring, especially if you don't wait until the last minute to get it ready!

 **WE WILL SCREEN WHEN YOU DROP OFF YOUR CLOTHES. Due to space limitations and high quality standards, WE WILL BE VERY PICKY! BRING ONLY YOUR BEST LIKE-NEW ITEMS.**  PLEASE ALLOW TIME WHEN YOU DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS FOR US TO SCREEN FOR QUALITY. (If you put a circled "D" for "Donate" on your tags, then you do not need to be present through screening.) IF YOU LEAVE BEFORE YOUR ITEMS ARE SCREENED, WE WILL PLACE ANY "UNACCEPTABLE" ITEMS IN THE DONATION COLLECTION. Please do not be offended if we ask you to take back (or donate) some of your items. We strive to be known for having excellent quality merchandise. 

CLOTHING appropriate for WARM weather: Sizes must be Infant to Girls' 16-18/Boys' 20 AND Girls' Junior* 1-17 and Boys' Teen* XS - XXL & 28-40 waist. Gently used, freshly laundered Spring/Summer clothing, dancewear, shoes* (NEW SHOE LIMIT! 10 pair per gender; may bring more on restocking days; MUST be like-new and clean top to bottom!), sports apparel, accessories* (We will no longer sort "accessories": hats, hair bows, belts, ties, scarves, gloves, jewelry, backpacks, etc.), etc. 

*RESTRICTION onTeen/Junior Clothing AND Shoes:
LIMIT: 20 pieces Junior/Teen per gender! Shoe limit of 10 pair per gender. We will ONLY accept brand name/designer teen clothing that has been purchased within the past couple of years AND is a style currently being sold! We will be VERY picky about teen/junior clothing and shoes, so don't waste your time tagging older, discount brand, or women's items. Our teen section is intended for a college student or younger! NOTE TOUGHER 2ND SCREENING: We will perform a second screening of junior/teen section, pulling out of style and problem pieces that may have made it through the hurried pace of initial screening; tags on these items will be stamped "Return to Sender" and placed on racks for YOU to look through on Pick Up Day.
    Current Stylish Teen/Junior Brands include:
 Abercrombie & Fitch     Adidas     Aerie     Aeropostale     American Eagle     BCBG    Billabong      BKE Brandy Melville      Charlotte Russe     Citizens of Humanity     Coach Columbia     Converse    DC     Delia's     Diesel     Express     Forever 21     Fox     Free People     GAP     Guess     H&M Hollister   Hunter     Izod     Jessica Simpson     Jordans     KanCan La Hearts Lei       Levi's       Life is Good     Lucky Brand     Lululemon Miss Me    Nike      North Face     Obey O'Neil     Old Navy     On the Byas Patagonia     Pink by Victoria Secret      Polo     Prana Quick Silver      Rampage     Rebecca Minkoff Reebok     Reef     Roca Wear     Rock Revival      Roxy     Rue 21    Rusty       Seven for All Mankind     Silver     Sketchers      So     Soffee     Sperrys Steve Madden     Tommy Hilfiger       Top Shop Tory Burch True Religion      Uggs Under Armour    Urban Outfitters     Vans Vince Camuto Volcom      Wet Seal     Xhilaration    
(Ask if you are unsure!)   

For the FALL SALE, we accept clothing for cold weather, along with capris, long denim/cargo shorts, basketball shorts, short sleeve t-shirts for layering (no summer prints or pastels), short sleeve polo style or button up shirts in fall/winter colors, tennis shoes*, closed-toe shoes*, boots.*

For the SPRING SALE, we accept clothing for warm weather, along with jeans, khakis, light colored/lightweight long sleeve t-shirts and button up shirts, lightweight windbreaker jackets and sweaters appropriate for Easter outfits. Like-new sandals*, flip flops*, tennis shoes*, dress shoes*, cowboy and rain boots.* (NOTE NEW SHOE LIMIT, 10 pair per gender!)

NOTE: Please make sure that all the clothing is freshly laundered, in GREAT shape, on HANGERS (with the hook facing LEFT like a question mark) and SORTED by NUMBER SIZE and GENDER!!!! Please see
tagginglink for detailed hanging instructions.

LIMIT ON INFANT SIZES, birth through 12 months: Supply in these sizes exceeds demand because of gifting and babies not wearing out many of their clothes before they outgrow them. Therefore, we must limit your 0-12 month pieces to your BEST 20 pieces per separate size, per gender(i.e., 20 preemie/newborn girl, 20 3-6 month girl, 20 3-6 month boy, etc.)  Categories with the 20-piece limit in each include: preemie/newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. We recommend that you choose to discount these items for the clearance sale. We also recommend that you consider marking them with a Circled "D" for donate so they, if unsold, can benefit local charities.

RESTRICTION on PAGEANT/PROM: We will ONLY accept clean, stylish, like-new formal wear that has been purchased for a teenager or younger within the past 5 years. We will be picky!

RESTRICTION on SOCKS, TIGHTS*: We will be picky! We will ONLY accept them if exceptionally clean, new or like new! We recommend you choose to discount these items for the clearance sale.
*We will no longer sort accessories!

 TOYS, BOOKS, DVDs, GAMES (Great Sellers!)Large/Small, Indoor/Outdoor. Bicycles, riding toys, play equipment, plastic picnic tables, slides, books, games, puzzles, learning tools, music CDs, computer games, video games/gaming systems, DVDs, doll houses, crib activity sets, sports equipment, etc.  MUST be in GREAT condition, NO MISSING PARTS, BATTERIES INCLUDED and TESTED!
(After you test the battery, please mark "Tested" on the tag.)      
RESTRICTION on STUFFED ANIMALS: We will ONLY accept stuffed animals that are New With Tags or battery operated or highly collectible (they must be like-new too!); mark Tested on tag.

BABY, CHILD, & TEEN ACCESSORIES:Feeding, Nursery Needs, Safety, Bedding, Decor, ETC. (Bedding and decor MUST be like-new quality! Encase in sturdy plastic, zippered bags. If you do not have the original packaging, dollar stores typically carry large zippered bags. See tagging link for more details. We recommend you choose to discount bedding for the clearance sale, as it's not a high demand item.
FRESHLY CLEANED, COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED KIDS' FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT (Great Sellers! NEW: enter a drawing for a $25 shopping certificate for every 2 "large items" you consign!)Such as changing tables, cribs, beds, bassinets, rocking chairs/gliders, toy boxes, book shelves, pack-n-plays, strollers, bike trailers, car seats 5 years old or less (1-800-424-9393 for recall information or click HERE. To save time at drop off you can download our Carseat Declaration HERE), high chairs, booster seats, potty chairs, monitors, swings, bouncy seats, jumperoos, walkers, exer-saucers, etc. 

HOME FURNISHINGS and DECOR, ETC.*We will be picky! We want good stuff! Examples of great-shape, gently used items we may accept include: Furniture, lamps, rugs, bedding, framed art (NEW: LIMIT of 3 large ones), clocks, antiques, collectibles, etc. Kitchen Items, including sets of dishes, serving pieces, cook/bakeware, linens, etc. Appliances, including microwaves, coffee makers, toaster ovens, crock pots, etc. Electronics; Lawn, Garden & Patio; Garage & Shop, including tools, exercise equipment; Hobby, including pet items, craft and hobby; Accessories*, including designer purses and luggage. We don't want junk odds 'n ends. See below for what NOT to bring.
NOTE NEW CATEGORY: We will NOT be sorting these categories by your consignor code for Pickup Day (YOU will be responsible for finding your unsold items in these categories: shoes, accessories, furniture/heavy items, home decor.