Higher Priced Items: At drop off, you will be required to list any items you are selling priced at $50 or more. Tip to discourage tag switching: Please doubly secure the pin to the tag by covering it with packing tape, making it difficult to unpin the tag from the item! Also smart to use little zip ties to attach higher priced items, such as designer purses, to hangers, where possible.

We reserve the right to refuse or remove items from the sale. Inevitably, we will discover some "problem" items that passed initial "done by human volunteers" screening. When we do, we will remove any defective item not marked with a circled "D" for donate from the sale floor and hold with rejects. During the sale, consignors are encouraged to check this area (ask where) along with the "We Lost Our Tags" area and "Questionable Tags Board" for any of your items.

We strive to offer the highest level of quality we can!  Your share is 70% of the selling price.  Selling prices vary, but generally run about 20% to 35% of the retail price.  $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check.

1. Safety Pin: Securely safety pin all tags* to clothing items. Pin to clothing article's left side, which is its "heart" area (to the right, if YOU are facing it). NO staples, straight pins, or tiny gold safety pins. See illustration below for placement details. Place the pin HORIZONTALLY and catch the garment and tag card twice.

*For items to which you cannot safety pin the tag to that item, consider securely taping the top part of the tag to the item or zip tying the tag to the item.

-If you use a tag gun, be sure to tag through a seam or a label to avoid leaving a hole. (For items with multiple pieces, tag each item with your consignor code and description, noting piece 1 of X, 2 of X, etc.; BUT ONLY PUT THE PRICE/BARCODE ON ONE of the tags!)Just in case an item loses its tag, it's a great idea to put a piece of masking tape with your consignor code only in the neck or waistband of an item. The more detailed the description (which is optional), the better our chance of matching items should they become separated from the tag.

2. CONSIGNOR CODE: When you registered as a consignor, you were assigned a 4-digit consignor number. (If you have not registered, CLICK HERE). Your consignor code and the price of the item (along with whether or not the item will be discounted during the clearance sale), will all be reflected in the barcode label for each item. For added security, you may also write your consignor code toward the top left side of the tag, under the safety pin, and your price on the top right side of the tag (across from the code); the item will ALWAYS sell per the barcode price! 


  • Remember, the better your clothes look, the more you make!

Prepare your CURRENTLY STYLISH clothes and check to see that they are clean, unwrinkled, in excellent condition, and hung "properly" ON HANGERS (see next paragraph). 

- Remember, we will ONLY accept clothing from the specialty categories listed in the Sell link!


The hanger hook must face left (like a question mark).

- For 2-piece outfits, place shirt on hanger, then safety pin pants/skirts/shorts through the waistband, to the back of the shirt at the shoulders supported by the top bars of the hanger. Do not hang bottoms underneath the shirt.

- For hard-to-hang items, be sure and hang the piece(s) from the top sloping bars of the hanger, catching the safety pin "down deep" through both sides of the fabric, catching the clothing and tag twice.


3. CATEGORY: Above the size, put the gender/category: Boys (B) - for items size 0-20; Girls (G) - for items size 0-16/18; Junior (Jr.) - for girls' sizes 1-13; or Teen Boy (TB) - for boys' sizes 28-40 waist; ETC. For non-clothing items, put a thorough description of the item.

4. SIZE: Under the category, put the size. If the item's tag reads "medium," please add the NUMBER SIZE you think the piece should go in. Exception: Maternity and Scrubs may be sized XS, S, M, L, XL, etc.

It won't sell if it's not in the right size. Please do NOT mix sizes when combining pieces of an outfit (i.e., if top is different size than bottoms, simply sell them as separates).

5. DESCRIPTION: A good description helps shoppers and helps us in the event a tag gets separated from an item.

6. "D" for Donate: Please put a circled "D" on the left side of the tag above the barcode label of any item you wish to donate if unsold. Remember, donated items benefit local families and charities. On "D" items, please choose to discount them when your order your barcodes, allowing you to sell more on clearance days!

7. Barcode label: Apply a barcode label sticker near the bottom of each tag card (required). To print barcodes for your tags on address labels from your home or office, simply login to your Consignor Homepage and select "Order Barcodes". ALL consignors do this "ordering" step the same way. If you are not able to print your own barcodes, no problem; we will print them for you! After you've placed your barcode order through your Consignor Homepage, just email us with your consignor number and the barcode batch number you need us to print. Your barcodes will print the consignor number, price, barcode, and will specify whether or not you want the item to be sold at half-price during the clearance sale. All this information is encoded into the barcode, and each item will be sold per the barcode info! For barcoding details, CLICK HERE.  

Each item must be LEGIBLY tagged according to the directions below. If we can't read your barcode, you won't get paid for it! Neatness Counts! It's also smart to put a piece of masking tape with "only your 4-digit consignor code on it" either on/inside each piece in case the tag comes off the item.


Items with multiple pieces: You should put a tag on EACH PIECE. Write on the tag, for example:1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, but ONLY put the price/barcode on the first tag!!!

Bedding:  After you've thoroughly screened the bedding, encase in heavy, clear plastic bag or use curly ribbon to secure pieces together; top to bottom and side to side so they do not become separated. Clearly describe all pieces included on the tag. Note the "items with multiple pieces" instructions, above.

Shoes*: Fasten them together with zip tie, large twist tie, curly ribbon, large pin, or tie laces together, then pin the consignor tag to the connector. The tag should go on the shoes, not a box or plastic bag, which could be easily separated from the shoes. If you tag each shoe, please put the barcode/price on ONLY ONE TAG! Good idea to put your consignor code only on masking tape on bottom of each shoe. *We accept only clean, top quality shoes in two categories at the November sale: boots and pageant/prom shoes. We will be very picky screening shoes, so don't bring them unless you've taken time to clean them top to bottom. We recommend that you choose to discount shoes for the clearance sale.

Books, Puzzles, etc.: Tagging tip if attaching tag directly to book or puzzle: use blue painter's tape to avoid peeling off part of cover. You may combine "like category" books by using curly ribbon (tie both ways); you may then securely pin the tag to the ribbon, catching it twice with the pin. Make sure your tag clearly details what books are included in the bundle. Categories: pregnancy/parenting books; soft/infant/board books; toddler books; level readers; art & craft books; home school curriculum; cookbooks; best sellers; inspirational. At Drop Off, we will have marked areas for you to drop your different categories in.

Movies/Music/Computer Games (CDs, DVDs, etc.): BEFORE you bring them, check to ensure correct WORKING disc is in correct case; then use piece clear packing tape to tape shut each case. Mark "Tested" on tag. These may only be opened at checkout.

Stuffed Animals: We no longer accept stuffed animals or beanie babies UNLESS they are New With Tags or battery operated and like-new!


LARGE EQUIPMENT, FURNITURE, TOYS, or ITEMS: On LARGE items, simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. At drop-offs, your tag will be removed from your item and joined with a Large Item Claim Ticket (see photo), which will then be zip-tied to your item after you've filled out the required information. If the item includes extra parts, please attach them securely with packing tape or zip-ties, and make note of them in the item's tag description.

Connect car seat/bases/stroller combinations together with zip-ties to protect from separation, but loose enough that the car seat can be lifted off to see the stroller.

On Power Wheels, please place the power cord in a Ziploc bag and securely zip-tie it to the vehicle when you drop it off.

For additional protection and security of your large item, place masking tape with your consignor number & price on the bottom or underneath each large item. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost.

Please DO NOT put duplicate 3x5 index cards on an item.

Tip: Make masking tape or duct tape flags off hanger bar, then pin through fabric AND tape to keep from sliding. DO NOT duct tape clothing to the hanger!

Minimum item price of $1.00!

Price your items to sell, not to sit! Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for the item. Selling prices vary, but generally run about 20% to 35% of the retail price. New or "Like New" items, along with boutique/designer brands, run on the higher end of that scale. Remember, you choose whether or not to discount your items and let them go for half price during the clearance sale (you do this when ordering or printing your barcodes). If you later decide you want to discount the item, you must make a new tag with a new barcode.

Altered tags will NOT be accepted! For your security, if your tag needs changes, make a new tag. If you decide to change the price, you will need a new tag with a new barcode (we can print them at the sale location). Tags must be legible; write clearly and neatly.


We will continue to add to this section. Feel free to email us any tips you think of!
ZIP TIES: Zip Ties are great for many things! Example: connecting pieces of stroller/carseat/base sets so they won't get separated; to attach purses, backpack, breast pump bags, etc. to a hanger to deter theft; to attach shoes to each other. Zip ties can also be used to hang heavy pants on a hanger by putting a tie through the left and right side belt loops and securing to the top sloping bars of the hanger.
CURLY RIBBON: Curly ribbon is great for bundling two books, etc. Just be sure to criss-cross or go both ways with it so the books will stay put. You can even securely pin the tag to the ribbon. Also great for tying shoes together or for securing multiples pieces of toys or bedding together.
CLEAR PACKING TAPE: Great to reinforce zip top bag closures to keep little hands out, to keep tubs closed, and to place over pins on tags to deter "tag switching".
BLUE PAINTER'S TAPE: Great to use to attach tags to books, puzzles, toys, or other items that you don't want to pull the "finish" off or leave a sticky residue.
SAFETY PINS: Whenever possible, use a medium or large size safety pin (no tiny gold pins, which don't stay attached please!) to attach tags to items, catching the tag AND the item TWICE with the pin! Place tape over pin to secure if desired.

SARAN WRAP: Use saran wrap to wrap puzzle(s) with the pieces in tact, then tape over the saran wrap to secure the ends.  Tape the tag securely to the outside of the saran wrap.

BOXED ITEMS WITH MULTIPLE PIECES: Ensure all pieces are there, then tape box closed. Securely tape tag to outside of the box.


How to Create Your Tags

Use whole index cards turned upright (vertical) to make your tags, OR you may print your tags, NO SMALLER than 3" x 5" on CARDSTOCK